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    June 19th, 2014

    An alienation of affection lawsuit is a suit filed against a cheating spouse’s paramour, and it is designed to hold that person legally (and financially) responsible for damaging an existing marriage. While this may seem like a family court issue, the laws allowing these lawsuits are actually tort laws, and [...]

Law Firm Management

Law Firm Management

The most important part of starting a law firm is finding clients. While a law firm may have educated and experienced lawyers, without clients, your business isn’t going to go anywhere. While it’s important to have skilled attorneys, you will also need business connections to get the business going.

Once your law firm has a reliable client base, you have to handle any money that your business makes with prudence and sound judgment. Profits have to be used in the appropriate ways to grow the business so that you can continue on making more money in the future.

Team Vs. Private Practice

Team Vs. Private Practice

Starting a law firm is a risky prospect. You invest a lot of money to set yourself all before actually knowing if you’ll have enough clients and cases to support your business. It can be nerve-wracking and is the reason why many will go into team practices, starting a law firm as a group.

While you receive many benefits of security and safety by starting a law firm with a group, a private practice gives you much more control over what types of cases you accept and the amount of work that you do.

How Cases are Tracked

How Cases are Tracked

Law firms that do well are always involved in new cases. Sometimes, certain cases pay off better than others. When your law firm is accepting a lot of new clients, it can become easy to get lost in all the research, study, and preparation that each case requires.

Before that becomes a problem, learn how to keep your cases separated and how to manage the account that they have started with you. The more organized you are, the more efficient you become, which not only helps your business but also helps your clients.